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Sexy model Veronika

Country: Czech Republic
Height: 174cm (5.71ft)
Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
Age: 24
Occupation: Student

Dominant and Sexy

Women throughout time have been subjugated into submissive roles, as housewives, companions, servers.

THE SUFFRAGETTES had to throw themselves under horses to get the vote. In the sixties era of bra-burning liberation, women were still fighting for equality, and it is perhaps only now that they are finding the confidence to reject the struggle and just be themselves. Nudity for Veronika isn’t a gesture of submission, but an act of domination: of pride and self will.

It is the vision of the eye behind the camera lens that directs how we read a photograph – it is this subjectivity that raises photography to the level of fine art – but it is equally the inner world of the subject that results in memorable images.

Veronika is not merely being photographed when she models, she is throwing out a challenge: are you as brave as me? Can you do what I am doing now?

Veronika Sexy Pics:

Beautiful woman Veronika posing nude

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