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Sexy model Sian

Country: Africa
Height: 170cm (5.58ft)
Weight: 52kg (115lbs)
Age: 21
Occupation: Art Student

Cute & Natural

Some models are made and some are born to strut their stuff.

BOTH OF Sian’s parents happen to be photographers, so she didn’t have a choice. The first time she opened her eyes and peered out of her cot, two cameras were capturing her ever smile and grimace. And she has been posing for the camera ever since.

Sian is 21, 170cm, 52 kg and a classical, girl-next-door kind of girl from South Africa. She isn’t sure whether she will pursue a full-time career in modeling and is content to earn some extra cash while she studies art and advertising at the University of Cape Town. When Petter Hegre asked her why she never shaved, she said: “I am a simple and natural girl and do not make much fuzz about my body.”
Her greatest feature is her charm. Sian is shy, girlish and absolutely cute, cute, cute.

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Shy Sexy Sian Gets Revealed

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