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Sexy model Radka

Country: Hungary
Height: 170cm (5.58ft)
Weight: 51kg (112lbs)
Age: 22
Occupation: Dressing model

Mysterious mannequin

Radka is a mystery, a mannequin who takes on the personality the designers imbue in their dresses and keeps her own persona private.

HERE’S WHAT we do know: she is 22 and comes from Hungary, where she lives in an apartment with sweeping views over Budapest. She is 170m, 51kg and has the slight, boyish figure that becomes ultra feminine when dressed and breathtaking when she undresses for the camera.

There is a wild side, too, to Radka, with her thick tousled mane of sandy gold hair and lustrous eyes like pools of liquid onyx that are so deep the meaning behind her expression is hidden, a secret world you may glimpse like a traveler on a train seeing a landscape that is fleeting but leaves an indelible impression.

Radka is like a doll, a child-woman we want to both protect and ravage, a true Hegre Girl who belongs right here on the archives.

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Nude girl Radka shows off her teen body

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