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Sexy model Polya

Country: Ukraine
Height: 175cm (5.74ft)
Weight: 52kg (115lbs)
Age: 23

Flowering Youth

Looking at Polya now, you’d never know that once upon a time Polya had very little confidence, and next to zero self-esteem.

What a difference a few years can make! Once Polya reached maturity her body began to take root into the woman she is today. The same boys who laughed and teased Polya growing up now begged and pleaded for the chance to date her. Of course Polya is much too smart to give them the time of day, and it is far too fun to toy and tease them anyway.

These days, Polya is no stranger to turning heads. She works on occasion at a strip club in the Ukraine, dancing for exclusive clients who appreciate her soft delicate facial features and long slender body. In her spare time she even models on occasion, having been featured in Perfect 10 Magazine.
These days, Polya has a boyfriend who treats her like the royal beauty she is. We’re sure he is rewarded handsomely for his efforts.

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Polya and Yulia – Harmony

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