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Sexy model Henrietta

Country: Hungary
Height: 170cm (5.58ft)
Weight: 54kg (119lbs)
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Fragment of Paradise

For better or for worse our lives are shaped by the times in which we live and living in the era of the New Nude is a gift we don’t always appreciate.

SO DIG it, enjoy it, make the most of what the age has to offer and revel in Henrietta, a fragment of paradise committed to the digits and pixels of the Hegre camera and saved on the archives for posterity. Henrietta is the shape of the age, a Hegre Girl who embodies the best qualities of our times.

Henrietta traveled on the train from her home in Budapest and showed up at the Hegre atelier in Paris. At 18, she retains the soft, innocent bloom of pubescence and performed every pose expected of her without blinking an eyelid, her response like a diligent schoolgirl with a teacher she trusts and admires.
Henrietta is a new face on the internet, but with her dark eyes and blinding smile, the future has just begun.

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