Dasha Profile

Sexy model Dasha

Country: Ukraine
Height: 174cm (5.71ft)
Weight: 56kg (123lbs)
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

Full Figured Beauty

Dasha would like nothing better then to build a time machine and experience the glamour of days gone past.

A self professed lover of all things retro, Dasha hopes one day to have the star power of Bettie Page. She loves the sexual innocence associated with early kink photography and hopes to convey that in her own modeling. With her long, curvy, full figured body, and a winning smile she is most certainly on the right track. Dasha is currently studying theater in the south of Ukraine and hopes to use her acting skills to future her modeling career.

Dasha will jokingly admit that her perfect breasts come from her mother. There must be some good genes in that family.

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