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Sexy model CARO

Country: Argentina
Height: 163cm (5.35ft)
Weight: 42kg (93lbs)
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Petite and Charming

For only being a young girl of 19, Caro has already accomplished a great deal in her short lifespan.

SHE IS the former spokes model for the South American division of L’oreal and has three years worth of acting school under her belt. With such an adventurous spirit and a love for being the center of attention it was a natural progression for Caro to give nude modeling a try; the only question was with whom?

Caro lives Buenos Aires with her mother. Despite the fact that working with Petter was Caro’s native voyage into nude modeling, she performed like a true pro in front of the camera, jumping into poses with very little prompting or direction from the photographer.

While other girls her age where romping through the streets of Buenos Aires trying to attract the attention of young boys, Caro was proving that she is indeed destined to one day stand out in the crowd.

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