Carmen Profile

Sexy model Carmen

Country: Romania
Height: 175cm (5.74ft)
Weight: 49kg (108lbs)
Age: 21
Occupation: Club Dancer

Free as a Bird

For some girls, clothes are a prison, a veil
that hides their true personality.

THEY DON’T always realize
this until they take the plunge and slip out of the last tiny triangle of silk
that covers their most intimate secrets. That was Carmen’s story. She was shot
first time in a bikini bottom and, while she was loath to strip it off, the
images were restrained, without emotion or depth of character. When she plucked
up the courage, slipped the material over her bottom and ran the bikini down her
long legs, the results were sensational.

Carmen is from Romania and
moved to Prague to take a job dancing in a club where she has learned to be
seductive while keeping her clothes on.
She has just begun to
create a portfolio and with her caramel skin and her remarkable figure, the
agents who keep a daily watch on Hegre-Art have already started sending their
email enquiries.

Carmen Sexy Pics:

Carmen, the divine beauty

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