Anna S.

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Sexy model Anna S

Country: Ukraine
Height: 171cm (5.61ft)
Weight: 48kg (106lbs)
Age: 19
Occupation: Student/Model

Quietly Confident

Theres no two ways about it Anna is a stunning beauty whose looks will open many doors for her in life.

 With delicate features reminiscent of the most beautiful porcelain doll, Anna is a girl of few words. However being quiet does not necessarily equal being shy as Petter found out during their first photo session together.
 Anna is the kind of girl who is perfectly comfortable being photographed naked and is unafraid to show off all the glory she was born with. And glorious she is – with a tiny body that is blessed with the trademark full breasts that have made Ukrainian girls sought after in the world of beauty.

Anna only started modeling recently but with her combination of stunning looks, perfect body and quiet self-belief we think youll definitely be seeing her again!

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