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Sexy model Amandine

Country: France
Height: 160cm (5.25ft)
Weight: 45kg (99lbs)
Age: 23
Occupation: Dancer

Vivacious and Joyful

Amandine is a Parisian born actress and dancer who teaches hip-hop dancing to teenagers at one of the many dancing institutes in Paris. She also recently started working as a show dancer. This caring and warm-hearted girl loves animals too.

Amandine openly admits to being an exhibitionist and loves to wear skimpy outfits that show off her toned, dancer’s body, both during her dancing classes and when she goes out clubbing in Paris. She is very comfortable with her body but this petite brunette wishes she was taller. Amandine’s training as a dancer really shines through when she is being photographed or filmed. She literally performs a private dance for the camera, engaging the lens with her sensual movements and inviting eyes.

With tons of energy, an upbeat attitude to life and her sweet smile Amandine is great fun to be around.

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Amadine, the Christmas nude elf

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